strawberry fields forever

here's the quilt i did for a color challenge i came up with. i go to a group called Stitchin' Sallies and i taught a color theory class and at the end we did a project using the info we learned along the way.

at the end, i took a box of crayons and dumped them in a basket and each lady blindly picked 5 crayons. (i took out the black and white crayons, as well as the metallics) once everyone had picked they had the choice of putting two crayons that they didn't want in the center of the table. then they had two options: drawing two crayons blindly from the basket again or take two from the center. after everyone did this they had five colors to make a quilt with. they could ONLY use the five colors they had with slight variants on the values. here's my five (thank goodness i got a lime green)

this is my quilt. i made a small wall hanging using a pattern from pat sloan's book "Pat Slaon's Favorite Techniques" (she has a blog here )it was the perfect opportunity to try machine applique (i usually do it all by hand). i sewed yellow beads to the strawberries for seeds. i think it came out CUTE! i've had it done for a while, but it took FOREVER to find yellow seed beads....i looked everywhere for 4 months, but i finally found some this weekend at Hobby Lobby, so now it's done...

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