round them doggies up!

today was a good quilting day. i got to work on a cowboy themed quilt my friend Becky pieced.

of course, once i got to quilting i realized that cattle brand symbols would of looked awesome in the setting triangles, but, alas, it was too late.

i used clip art from my computer to 'draft' the motifs in the setting squares. then using a chalk pencil i drew them onto the quilt. (i ONLY use chalk on quilts cause i've never had an issue with removing it) then i just traced the drawings with my machine. i changed thread color for more of a contrast. if i'm going to do something that 'fancy' i want it to show.
my favorite fabric she used was a small scaled peanut. it reminded me of the restaurants you go to that let you throw the shells on the floor. :)

if i can say so, i'm pleased with the finished quilt. i think my favorite is the horse. it came out perfect! i know Becky will love it too!


  1. this quilt came out awesome!! great job!
    I'm still in chicago btw, letting the family enjoy the kid. we'll talk next week though, k? have a good weekend!

  2. oh oh oh! and my grama gave me one of the quilts my great grandma made! blue floral applique, can't wait to photograph it to show it off...


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