Ebay and vintage quilt tops....

back before the economy was bad and i had to count my pennies, i was addicted to buying vintage quilts from ebay. (hi, my name is shannon and i'm an ebay addict) i don't know if i felt compeled to give loving homes to all the strays or what. some just called out for me to adopt them (i.e. buy them) or if there was some greater, stronger force at work...but this one is my FAV! i saw the tiny thumbnail and it was love at first sight! you know the feeling: that split second involuntary intake of breath and you instantly imagine finishing it and hanging in your house. yeah, that feeling. i placed a bid and crossed my fingers. i KNEW i had to have it. well, as per se on ebay, a bidding war ensued. but the battle was mine. I WON! a week later a package came in the mail and i tore open that box like a kid on christmas morn. there folded in a plastic bag was MY quilt. still one of the most beautiful vintage quilts i've ever seen and it's mine!
to some this story would leave a wierd look on their face, but hey, if i have to explain it- you STILL wouldn't understand.

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  1. So, you are the one that outbid me! (just kidding!) But, I do love your vintage rescue! I love that green background color. Why don't they make that anymore. The new green is not the same, or is the bubble gum pink, another of my favorites. I love to browe ebay too looking for the oldies that could become my treasures! Looking forward to seeing how you quilt this beauty. I know it will be wonderful!


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