she asked, i'll answer

*points finger* she started it. jess asked so i shall answer:

(jess's blog link that got it started: here)

if you had to pick, what would be your favorite colors(combinations)/style of fabrics?

i like bold bright colors! contempary colors in a traditional quilt pattern will my my heart flitter everytime! my FAV color is green, esp lime green. my least fav is red. never have liked it. but i do like fuschias, purple-y reds, just not spectrum red. i find that when i start a new quilt/project, my color choices tend to reflect my mood. or i'll fall in love with a fabric and will design a quilt to showcase it. it depends on what mood i'm in. i tend to gravitate towards the cool colors. i love Kaffe Fasset/Westimister fabrics as well as Amy Butler. the other day i was organizing my stash and i noticed that alot of my fabrics are geometric graphics and large scale prints with bold color schemes. i LOVE LOVE batiks. i'll go hungry to buy a fabric that speaks to me.

this quilt is to date one of my favorites. it is a simple quilt, but the fabrics make it sing. if i had to pick one quilt of mine to sum up my personal 'style' this would be the one i'd pick.

ok jess-
here's another question open for discussion:

what is tendy in your LQS (local quilt shop) or guild and do you like the trend?

i'll think about it and post my answer in a following post.

Jess's answer here


  1. my answers are here. Good question.

  2. We're sisters in fabrics, I adore Kaffe and Amy too. The only thing we differ on is I love red (though I seldom wear it or use much of it in quilts....huh, must think about that one...)


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