2009 Shop Hop

well, another Greater Atlanta Shop Hop enters the history books. Davis and i went to all 9 stores on saturday. starting with Intown and ending close to home at Tiny Stitches. according to Davis it was a 204 mile trip. (last year's was 350 miles with 13 shops) I realized too late that i had forgotten my camera :) so i have no pictures. i plan on making the shop hop quilt (why not) this year's theme was 'the magic of childhood' and i had the brillant idea to make each shop's block with fabrics that fit the theme of their respective childhood memory. now i have to decide what background color to choose. i'm debating a pale baby blue...i will make 3 extra blocks to make the layout and even 12 blocks. the three extra will include the details of the shop hop. i promise to post pics. i'm hoping to win the grand prize of $100 gift certificate to each of the 9 shops or the second prize: a Baby Lock sewing machine. *fingers crossed*

i REALLY had fun! i bumped into a lot of people i don't see often and got the chance to go to shops that i don't get to visit alot too. i did buy some fabric. i added some brown and blue batiks to my new project's stash. and i found some unique novelty fabric. all in all i was worn out by the time we got home, but still had tons of fun. now i have next year's shop hop to look forward to!

i'd like to thank all the shop owners and their employees for all the work they do preparing for shop hop. all their hard work shows and made it so much fun! THANK YOU!

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