SAL 2012 Part 12

here's the latest and greatest installment in my Scrap Bash Stitch-A-Long.

happy stitching!

don't forget to add photos of your blocks to the Flickr group. i like to see what and how yall are doing these :)

(part 12 of 16)


  1. Hope your recovery is coming along nicely and you're feeling better!

  2. Hi, I haven't visited for quite awhile and wanted to say I love your bear paw block. I see it is part of a series but was having difficult finding other blocks on you blog. Is there a spot where they all are or can you give me a hint to finding them. I found #10 but gave up after that.

  3. hi fiberobsession! under the posting- see where it says LABELS: SAL 2012. click on that and it will show you all postings with that label which just happen to be all the installments of the SAL :) happy stitching


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