thank yall!!

 i want to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone!! the outpouring of love and concern after my accident have been amazing!! it's truly touching and humbling.

i'm doing well. i found a local doctor (no more 50mile trips to the hospital) who referred me to all the necessary doctors to continue on my road to a full recovery. i also have a nice new combo of drugs, and frankly, with their help-  i'm feeling real gooouudddd.*lalalah*

the worse for me is just sitting around.....i'm not a sit-around girl.i like to keep my hands busy.  i did dig out an old UFO applique block and was pleased to discover that i can hand applique with minimal effort and use of the bum arm... so now i'm just deciding on what i want to work on applique wise. i did have thoughts of a 'show' quilt idea that would require some applique, so i might start designing that. lord knows, i have all the time i need....

 i promise to not over do it and take the time to heal.... but i'm bored and my vitamin Q level is getting dangerously low *grin*



  1. Mmm, Think I need more Vitamin Q too. Will organising Quilt shows raise it to high levels!
    Glad to hear that you are working your way around possible boredom.

  2. So glad you're progressing well! Saw you on Bumble Beans blog the other day.....famous!

  3. It was so great to see you at the Quilt Show. Great to see you with my own eyes and know that your are on the road to healing! Love the Vitamin Q comment and your cartoon! Applique sounds like a great way to pass a "cripple's" time! Have fun!



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