meeting the neighbors

it's official- we live in the country!!!

see it??

let me zoom in.... i happened to be on the phone and looking out the window and she flicked her tail...

all this time i thought Lucky was barking at the neighbor's cat...


  1. So cool! I'm so glad you shared with us - this just made my day.

  2. don't you just love it! I get to watching all the wildlife out back sometimes and forget to get my chores done so I can go sew.

  3. I hope the wind and hail Friday night did not do any damage at your home. We had a lot of hail but it was small so we had no damage.

    My backyard wildlife is more on the size of bunnies and birds but still fun to watch from my sewing room windows. If you need any plants that are supposed to be nearly deer proof I have a garden full of hellebores (lenten rose). The next time you are up on this side of town I will be happy to share all the seedlings you can carry home. Enjoy the "neighbors".

  4. yeehaw! so exciting! are you in a hunting zone when it comes hunting season? wouldn't it be suuweet to hunt right from your home?!!!! ::grins:: I live in the country, but live in 'town' in the country, so never see any deer by the house. Deer and elk by the highway, but not in town. Just lots of cottontails and squirrels :)

  5. Cool! Thanks for sharing.


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