the last stitch

i have had this vintage quilt for years!! i bought it a llllloooonnnggg time ago from Ebay back before vintage tops could be sold for millions of dollars :) i think i paid around $40 for it.

out of all my vintage tops, this would be a top contender of a favorite. it sat in my cabinet patiently waiting for me to build my LAing skills to quilt it. then, i was stumped. what to do? it's not traditional and i couldn't make feathers look good....

so a couple days before my bday, at three in the morning (isn't that the prime time for all great creative sparks?) i knew how i was going to quilt it!!

i loaded it and treated my self a day 'off' from client quilting to quilt my little favorite green vintage find....

it will get to decorate a prominent wall in the house.

i like to think the piecer is up in her heavenly studio and is nodding her approval at her quilt finally being finished.


  1. Great choice on the quilting. Love that green background.

  2. Wow what a great find. Your quilting is a great choice and I'm sure it's getting the nod of approval from above.

  3. Exciting :D Do you think it's from the 50's?

  4. The quilt looks awesome! Your quilting gives it a very modern feel.


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