it was meant to be

let me explain-

so the closing date of the house is so very near (i can just about feel the weight of the keys in my hand) i have been perusing Craig's List looking for dining room tables....i want something farmhouse for the kitchen and something classic and modern for the formal dining room. (i love saying "formal dining room" it makes me feel very grown-up :) )

i saw this set and fell instantly in love!!

see this is our eat in kitchen- notice that it is basically oak with black appliances. LOVE the corner sink!! the table will live over there on the other side of the bar, by the two big windows...

see that table is perfect! oak and black!! the grandkids can use the bench while the grown ups sit in the chairs *PERFECT*

or so i thought....i contacted the seller to see if i could come look at the table and to my heart breaking dismay- it had been sold *frowny*

so today i was at Walmart (of all places) looking for something specific and just happened to walk down the aisle where the furniture is displayed.

i about broke my neck doing a double take! there was my table!!!!

it's killing me to not put it together...

i found this table for the formal dining room and i go look at it on saturday!!!

now i get to start looking for living room furniture!! can you say chaise lounge :)

i love finally having a house to shop for :)


  1. Oh what fun you must be having~

  2. how exciting! Congrats, you are going to have so much fun decorating a new house! :)

  3. Soooo exciting! And so close too! Woooo hoooo!!!!!!

  4. Been there... HAD so much fun doing it myself! You will too... and then be really, really glad when you're done. Like I am now!


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