that new fabric smell...

Davis if you're reading this, STOP....go look at something else :)

i was introduced to a new-to-me quilt shop...Thread Bear in Cumming, GA. yesterday after cyndi picked up her quilt, they mentioned stoppin by there on their way back home....hmmm, i'd like to get out of the house. they were going to go via intersate, but i have a smart phone with GPS navigation on thru north GA we went.....what a pretty drive!! all the horse farms in Milton....*sigh* i hadn't driven on such curvy roads since i lived in TN...

we arrived at the shop and, OMG!!, i had to channel every ounce of self control to not go crazy and buy everything i liked!! (which was alot)

but this is what i brought home...i justified figured that i've been so good about finishing up UFOs and not really buying new fabric, that i deserved some new fabric!!

the top large scale floral will be a border to a hand pieced quilt that i'm hoping to get finished in time for the show in June...the orange with little deer will go into my TN volunteer quilt...the rest will go into Stash...


  1. A fabric shop in Cummming, GA? You're kidding me! It's a good thing I moved from there a little over two years ago, or I would be broke broke right now. I was just happy that there was a Joann's within easy driving distance...and actual quilting fabric shop in town would have been the death of my finances.

    I hope they do well there - where is it located (for when I am visiting and checking up on our still-unsold-but-currently-rented-house).

    1. They are doing very well.. here is the web site... Cindy, other friends and I go there all the time... and yes, we eat lunch first across the parking lot at Zaxby's and then we have plenty of energy for shopping... they actually have 2 stores side by side... and they sponsor a lot of charity drives for their local community/county... definitely a place to shop... huge variety of fabrics... they also do mail orders..

      just a happy shopper....

  2. Beautiful fabrics!!! Per life acording to Queenie all fabric purchases are absolutely guilt free. :o) Sometimes one must fully embrace the joy of having in order to carry on, enjoy!
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  3. Oh wow! Look at all that gorgeous fabric!! It would all go together in a big beautiful quilt. The shop sounds wonderful!

  4. Now you're talking! This makes a lot more sense than you did a few posts ago when you wrote that since you have such a huge stash, you have a hard time getting excited about new fabric. When I read that, I thought to myself: "Who does she think she is kidding? It is exactly, because she gets so excited about all kinds of fabric that her stash is so huge! She has a huge stash, because she gets excited about new fabric and buys it, even when she has no particular plans for it, just to have it."
    I'm SO glad to see I was right. I know you'll enjoy your new fabrics!


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