stitchin' away...

i worked on some quilts to be published in a book, so i can't share pictures til after the book is released...

but i did stick one of my own quilts on the frame couple weeks ago.

this is a jelly roll quilt (aka 1600 quilt) that i made from strips cut from my dog fabric stash. i can't believe i'm getting ready to admit this, but i cut 80 strips with no repeats *eek* and those are just the 'smaller' scale prints...i cut my WOF strips in half cause some of my strips were cut from FQs for a total of approximately (158) 20" x 2.5inch strips.

so basically, i used two jelly rolls worth of strips and here's the math: the strips go up and down instead of across, so all my dogs are going sideways *shrug* doesn't bother me....the finished top was 64" x 103" and i could of sewn one more 'lap' that would of made it about the same size and all my dogs would of been right-side up with my strips running right to left. i felt lazy and just chopped 20inches off the bottom and added my borders...finished quilt size 83 x 98 inches.

the outer border needed to be pieced, and since it was a larger scale i didn't want floating chopped off dog fronts and backs across the seam. i had a genius moment and pieced in a matchy paw print. i think it solves that problem quite well...

i named it 'dog days of summer' and there's my cute label...i love piecing my labels into the back and quilting over them.

and to change the subject- i've been very good with my goal of finishing up some of my UFOs this past year, and have been looking to start a few new future UFOs :)  i laid out all my african wax prints that i've been collecting and i think i'm ready to start cutting in to them. i was thinking i might make some really big granny squares with them paired with a black background...whatcha think? 

while i was snapping pictures of my fabric, look where Petal hung out. such a sweetie....

reminds me of this picture...

speaking of petal, i have news- she will be chauffeured north to Salem, Massachusetts on Tuesday. so, we will be saying goodbye (barney will be saying 'good riddance') to our house guest.

(yes i'm in PJs- it's just one perk of working from home :) )


  1. I have been trying hard to finish up my UFO's and doing pretty good...the hard part is trying not to start a new project. I have to remind myself not to.

  2. Love your problem solving with the dog prints.
    Check out this layout for your wax prints.... really like the arrangement of large blocks with the black.
    Bye, Petal....enjoy your trip and new home.

  3. What a fun puppy quilt!!!
    I so glad that Petal has found forever home.
    Have a great day.

  4. What a fun quilt and I'm so glad Petal has found a new home!!

  5. Love the bright colors in your quilt, and especially your can-do, finishing approach to UFOs. We should all be so diligent! Good for Barney to be putting up with Petal for so long, and even more kudos to you for caring.


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