Glacier Star and a house guest

vickie picked up her JN Glacier Star quilt today.

she did a great job!! i like the fabric choices and colors... 

you can click the pictures for a bigger, better view.

now, i think JN quilts are gorgeous!! but (there's always a but) from a LA quilting perspective they are a pain to design custom work for!!  although they look symmetrical, they are in fact, not really...the points of the geese don't touch, makes it hard to 'travel' the stitching  motifs from one patchwork piece to another...

but with all that said, when i'm done- it really is a beautiful finished quilt...

i have a house guest!! look at that face *aww*

Meet Petal (i picked the name!! great name for a dog, huh? :) ) she's a 1.5 year old basset hound mix.  someone dumped her close to my neighborhood. found her huddled on my front porch covered in mud and fleas and smelling like dead fish. After a bath and vaccinations, she looks like a new dog. she is a sweet little lap dog that loves belly rubs!!

i'm fostering her til she finds a (responsible) forever home.

and no- that's not here with me....she'd be a perfect fit into our 'pack', but three dogs is a bit much...i told her she showed up too early....


  1. Shannon - forgive my ignorance but what is a JN quilt? The quilting is amazing BTW! I am a novice LA quilter and I often come to look to get inspiration.
    P.S. How are you going to resist that face?

  2. I love that you are giving Petal a great home while the search for a forever home ensues...she looks very sweet.
    You did a great job Glacier Star quilting design...especially how you handled the center star.

  3. I just love how you quilted this, particular the arcs off the points of the inner feathered star. Very prettily done. :D

  4. That is one amazing quilt

  5. barney sent me an email and told me that he wants petal to be his sister.

  6. I love the quilting on this one--I had forgotten about the "wandering ribbons" and I need to try them.

  7. Petal is a sweetie. Love that face, but who can't love a basset hound, even if it's a mix. Great quilt too!

  8. That's some beautiful quilting! I'm also thinking that Petal has other plans. She looks quite comfy right where she is!

  9. Love the quilt! And Petal has such a sweet little face. How could anyone not want her?

  10. Beautiful quilt and your quilting as always looks perfect on it! Petal's is just so cute and how sweet of you to take her in and clean her many strays....that is how we got our 3 cats and that is enough too. Good luck finding her a wonderful home!

    1. I'll tAke petals she beautiful an she'll rule all the boys

  11. The quilt and the quilting are both so beautiful!


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