very girly

i quilted kathy's heirloom quilt...she took a class on heirloom sewing and this quilt is her class sampler.

the fabric behind the lace was cut-away, so a piece of pink fabric was on top of the batting.

the only thing i wish i would of done- quilted the feathers in the sashing with a pink thread to help visually break up the top...of course i realized this AFTER i was done....


  1. Beautiful! While the pink thread would break up the top visually, I think the tone-on-tone is more in keeping with heirloom techniques. I think your first instinct was the right one. 100 years from now people will be admiring your work on this one!

  2. What GeeMa said. :) You did the right thing and this is a fabulous job.

  3. Stunningly beautiful.

  4. Shannon, I like how you've quilted this one. Feathers so suit this top. Regards,

  5. Purdy, purdy, purdy! A quilt to be treasured.


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