inner child

i got a large box in the mail today....?? i didn't order anything

due to the crappy packing, i could peek inside and i knew instantly what it was!!

*big smile*
davis ordered me a nemo plushie!

a BIG nemo plushie!

(shark bait, ew ah ah)
it's almost as big as barney....what am i saying, it is as big as barney

in my excitement, i had to do some changes on the bed so i could see what it might look like....

quilt, pillowcases, and plushie 


 i totally indulge my inner child... if i don't, she keeps me up at night

don't judge me, i know i'm weird...


  1. Awh... that's so adorable. What a great surprise! It looks great on your quilt!

  2. you're not the only one who got something from davis today. i got a postcard thanking me for bday wishes.

  3. Very fun! It's good to feed the inner child. Love the quilt, plushee, pillow case combo!

  4. I think that Davis must be a keeper! How sweet...

  5. What a fun inner child....

  6. I think Nemo is awesome! And he looks like he has made himself right at home on the bed.

  7. Oh no, I don't think you are weird at all! I think we should all do childish stuff. Life is meant for having fun along with all the other "adult" things like working and paying bills. I'm going to make my mother so novelty pillowcases, cause she needs to release her inner child too.

  8. Cute, cute, cute, cute! Nemo, your pillowcase, the quilt and your dear man. Keep them all!

  9. How fun fun fun! I love your gift and what a great bed for anyone to sleep in!!


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