dinner and a show

i decided dinner at Waffle House tonight was a great idea. it was perfect timing, i was the only customer and had the whole place to myself. little did i know what a great idea it was...

about half way thru my eggs and hash browns (smothered, of course) a gentleman approaches the door. something was 'off' about him. he was out of breath, nervous, and kept looking behind him.

about then, six police cruisers come down the street all with their lights on.  we all noticed the gentleman had disappeared. about that time i saw one of the cruisers coming slowly towards the Waffle House, then we all figured it out. they were looking for that guy!!

just then he went running across 6 lanes of busy traffic into the woods you see in the picture. about 4 minutes later the cops emerged escorting Mr. Criminal to the waiting cruiser.

so, what did he do?? behind the Waffle House is a huge shopping center that has a Wally World on the end. this guy walked out of the WalMart carrying a flat screen TV, made it about four stores away, dropped it (it broke), and ran. The police officer told us that he fought the officers when he was apprehended. 

♫ bad boy, bad boy...
whatcha gonna do? 
whatcha gonna do when they come for you? ♫



  1. at least your unhealthy (but good and tasty) wasnt boring!

  2. oops! unhealthy (but good and tasty) dinner

  3. You live such an exciting life!

    By the way, I think your clown fish quilt is perfect.

  4. LOL...the Forrest Gump made that story!

  5. Gotta love Ga. Never a dull moment. I think it is getting as exciting as Cleveland Ohio.


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