did you think i'd fallen off the edge of the planet??  i'm really busy and my life has two descriptors right now- "before i go to paris" and "when i get back" (i have a couple more customer quilts to do "before i go to paris" and the rest will have to wait til "when i get back")
i  found myself needing to decompress and do some piecing the other evening and i really don't have anything 'in progress' that was calling me, so i decided to start something new. i stood in my studio, very quietly, and i heard the box of selvages beckoning to be cut up....

so that what i did.

i started my selvage quilt blocks. they will finish at 6inches. i'm sewing a scrap strip to the bottom so as to not loose any of my printed selvage and it also eliminates bulk...when i trim my selvages, i purposely cut them wide so as to have some color in my quilt...

14 down, 130ish to go....a whole quilt from what most piecers throw away- i like that idea.


  1. Great idea about putting the scrap strip at the bottom! That way you'll save more of the precious selvedges...

  2. What fun to go to Paris.

    Love your selvages.

  3. Hi! Are you sewing them to a foundation? If so, what? I have a TON of these and am looking for the perfect project. I'm NOT going to make the dress!

  4. Fantastic blocks. It is going to be a beauty.

  5. I have a large tub too, and need to start sewing them into something. YOurs look very pretty!


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