since i've been such a good little quilter and got so many UFOs finished up, i gave myself permission to start a new quilt. it's been rainy all week, so it's perfect weather outside to stay inside and piece.

after inventorying all my quilts, i realized that i didn't have a quilt that i can hang at the top of the steps for the month of july. i had to remedy that....

i bought two RWB jelly rolls from Keepsake Quilting and was gifted a freebie pattern using the strips. The pattern i used is called 'Basket Weave'.

i have all my blocks made and now i just need to sew the top together.

i plan on a one inch finished cream print for the inner border, then a RWB print for a 5 inch finished outer border. i haven't thought too much on how i'm going to quilt it....i'll cross that bridge when it's time.


  1. What a great pattern! Simple but effective. That would look great in my RWB family room. Just saying.... :)

  2. That is a great pattern - so patriotic!! Love it!!


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