new toy!

i piece on a vintage singer that my grandfather gave my grandmother for one single digit anniversary. it has served me well, but there are some parts that are wearing out and, very sadly, cannot be replaced.

i have been searching high and low (craigs list) for the last couple years hoping to come across the same model. my research showed that the machine i have, Model 15-91 was a top-of-the-line model with a low production run....

well, the other day i got bored and decided to surf craigs list to see if any were on the market. they are getting hard to find as today's quilters are realizing what a good machine the 15-91 is and getting one for themselves. (plastic machines just can't hold a candle to a good vintage singer.)
guess what!!?? i found one!!

it's a british 15K!!! it needs some elbow grease, spit, and polish and it'll be one hum-dinger of a machine!!

it has the fancy scroll etching on the face plate that the feather weights have!
it came with a stool full of goodies!!

it was like digging thru a sewing time capsule.
lots of seam tape

i have dreams of making something 4th of July-ish with that tiny red and blue rick rack. 
check it out- 2 1/2 yards of elastic for 15 cents (i just noticed that there's no cent symbol in the numbers anymore....)
couple of zippers, some needles, and elastic
look at the little pill box zipper package- cute!
two belt kits, and some rust proof buttons (guarenteed), and some covered button sets.

the big one will be something special!
electric scissors (don't know if they work tho), a pair of shears, and a pair of snips

some feet, the manual (score!) and some coupons for free classes from the store she bought it...

speaking of 'her'...

i found the paper work from her purchase!!

she paid $229.50 for it on January 16th, 1950!

i also found a receipt for a vacuum repair. check out how they show how much she owed...

but my favorite find in the stool???

a vintage band-aid tin that is full of pins, and a wooden needle case that still has the three needles in it (for 20cents!) i paid almost $4 for five the other day :)

now i have a 'new' machine to join the supporting cast in my studio. 


  1. Looks like my 15-91 I got from my great aunt (she bought it new in the early 40's). I haven't used it in years, but I used to use it a lot. I use my Pfaff on top of it's cabinet. I wish I had room to set them both up - I need the Pfaff for the decorative stitches for my 'work' sewing, but would love to piece on the Singer.

  2. The machine is cool... the loot is cooler. $229 as a lot of money in 1950.

  3. Oh you lucky gal. I piece on a 15-91 1953 model. Absolutely love it. It was just like new when my daughter in law offered it to me as they used it as a night stand. it runs so beautiful.

    I enjoyed seeing all those goodies that came with you machine. Talk about vintage

  4. What a cool machine! But the gizmos and accessories that came with it are even more priceless. Such interesting stuff. I'd say you have a real find. I hope it was at a bargain too!

  5. Score...big time! Have fun.

  6. Drool.... drool..... drool.... drool...........

  7. I will have to get back to you with some information. I met a fellow recently who imports all of the parts for your Singer from China. They are VERY affordable and he is VERY helpful. Unfortunately I am not at home and his info is there.
    If you don't hear from me soon, please contact me and I will give you his information so you can restore your lovely old machine.
    Kind regards

  8. I love (and am somewhat perplexed by) the Delinquency Charge on the vacuum repair receipt?!

  9. Wow, what a find. I love it when a machine comes with it's original 'birth certificate'. My featherweight has a birth certificate that shows it was originally purchased in 1956 (the year I was born too0 for £67ish ($107).

    Best Wishes
    Kay in Scotland

  10. That is so awesome to find something like that. I assume it sews as well? lol

  11. beautiful... some day I would love to have an antique Singer but for now am happy with what I am using.... having fun making my shopping list for Paducah. cant wait... leaving Sunday early early am with 3 friends and stopping by the Nashville airport to pick up my daughter and another friend from Maryland and then on to Paducah and fun fun. Maybe see you there? I will have my cell phone with me.

  12. You will love your 15-91! That is what I do all my free motion quilting on. I've had it for 21 years and have just replaced the foot petal, they are awesome machines! I have a online store I have bought parts for it from if you need the link.

  13. What a wonderful find, and all those treasures in the stool!

  14. I'm wondering what parts weren't available. I know people in both the US and Canada who provide parts to vintage and antique machines (and my brain is telling me there is someone in GB, although I can't recall the name right now.)
    I quilt on treadles but do have a 15-91 that a friend donated to me, and I've pieced and quilted with it. The ones with foot controls just aren't as much fun to use as the treadles (although I appreciate that not everyone agrees with me.)


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