tuesday musings

(p.s. Santa uses the alias Ted....)
i went and voted in the GA republican primary. my voter registration guy was Santa, you can't take pictures inside the polling room, but i swear Santa checked my ID....no kidding, rosy cheeks, white curly hair and beard, and blue eyes complete with the mischievous twinkle.! He was even wearing a red golf shirt with a white collar. people, you can't make this stuff up! as i walked away i said, "i've been a really good girl" he laughed just like Santa!!!  i did ask, he is a Santa at christmas for private parties and such.

it's a small room and there weren't many people there when i left, and he waved and said "have a good day" i said "and to all a good night" he laughed that Santa laugh again. guess you would of had to been there....a little christmas magic in march :)

i plan on posting the second set of instructions for my Scrap Bash SAL tomorrow, and i have some big news that i'll share in a post all by itself......hint- paducah baby!


  1. How funny!!! Maybe he plays the role at Christmastime.

  2. Great primary story!
    I'm in Paducah right now for the first time.....wonder what your secret is.....

  3. no one that good looking checks my ID here in Connecticut! LOL. looking forward to the 2nd installment of the stitch-a-long.

  4. Sounds like you had a jolly political trip! Hope you helped your man win. I helped Santorum win in the Iowa Republican caucus, though some people just can't count. Ho, ho, ho.

  5. I think this same guy has been in Tiny Stitches with his wife several times unless there is more than one man of that description who wears Santa like colors all the time. Looking forward to the SAL. The first blocks were fun. I'm stitching on my Featherweight right now. The Baby Lock went to the shop skipping stitches, so I broke out the old Pfaff, quilted and stitched for a week until it croaked yesterday so i'm using the Featherweight. If it goes out I'm reduced to hand stitching until one gets home from the shop.

  6. Are you going to Paducah or did you get one in the show???????

    BTW, I got that crazy GFG binding finished!


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