solicating opinions

so with the finish of the charmed star, i need a 'new' UFO to finish.....i grabbed the box with all the 9" wedding blocks that were sent this year and i've decided to work on getting it finished...i want to hang it at the top of the steps during August (our anniversary month)

at this point, without borders, it will measure 81inches square....i'm going to call it "A Love Story" cause the first block in the first row is the proposal and the last block is our wedding date....every block has a story that is part of our story....

as you can see i have a hole for the block that will represent  the shoes i wore (turquoise chucks with tie dyed laces, my something blue) after thinking on it for a day or two, i realized that i'd lose alot of needed detail if i tried to applique them, so i drew and colored them onto fabric...

this is where the conundrum starts...i have all that white background...

so i have two options and i want to see what yourall's feedback will be:

should i cut them out and applique them onto this wedding fabric i have

write our elvis themed vows behind them, and if i do what color should i write them in??? i plan on putting little red hearts between the sentences.

sorry for the weird photo, but it's the shoes on top of the printed vows on top of my lightbox for demonstration reasons...

so whatcha think?

i want the block to be 'busy' cause the quilt is 'busy' and it will play well with the others that way...

then all i have to worry about is how to quilt it and in what thread color :)


  1. in my expert opinion (haha - expert)

    the wedding vows
    thin white thread with an allover lovey pattern

  2. I'd do the wedding vows, but I'd print them in black on a light solid and then applique the shoes. the rest of your blocks don't have much white on them, so this block would stick out if you used a white background. I have no opinion on quilting thread colour -- I can't figure that out for my own quilts.

  3. Oh the vows for sure! That is going to be a really special quilt!

  4. I'll make it unanimous...... put the shoes on the wedding vows. It is going to be spectacular!!!

  5. VOWS for Sure!!! What a wonderful quilt and tribute! I think having the white background will be perfect. It's a special block!

  6. I love the look of the shoes on the vows. Clearly the way to go.

    How about a pattern with circles... as in, may the circle be unbroken.

  7. I am stunned those shoes are very well drawn, I thought they were appliqued or a pre preinted fabric.

  8. Wow, this is way cool! What a special quilt. I say you come up with a new all over quilting design with wedding rings, hearts, kisses, flowers, or something lovey-dovey. :-) CindyT

  9. Oh the vows,the shoes look great.good job.

  10. Can you quilt the vows? It would be slow going but amazing!

  11. The quilt is wonderful, and I love what you did with the shoes. You are very talented!


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