weekend in stitches

what's the point of having a LA if you never quilt your own quilts?

so, i quilted one of mine today! it might look familiar to some- its the spring block swap from 2010!
i quilted a new to me design. i've seen this design floating around and i figured it was time to actually give it a go and stitch it out. it's a leaf echo fill. i'm calling it 'forest floor'.
i ran to Tiny Stitches while i was out getting lunch (and i had to get lucky some food) and found this great fabric for the binding. it's a green ombre and i pieced it to where the color change continues across the seam. i think it'll look awesome. i plan on sewing it to the edge as soon as i publish this post.

doesn't it look like a pile of lettuce?
and i decided what i was going to do with those hand dyed fat quarters from last post...
i cut them up last night for the HST idea.... i really liked bonnie hunter's quilt with the cheddar yellow and the florals and i have a stash of floral fabrics....so i'll save the jacob's ladder idea for those...

i cut (12) 4 7/8inch squares from 13 FQs...should give me a nice large throw sized quilt.  

i already know how i'm going to quilt it- FEATHERS (as if there were any doubt :) )
i couldn't sleep last night, so i pieced this small wall hanging from the leftovers from cutting up the FQs.

so that's what i did last night and today. the weather was perfect for staying in and sewing!


  1. You're getting a lot done! I like that Forest Floor pattern. I think I'll try that on my next quilt. And now I'll leaf you alone so you can do more!

  2. Oh I love love your quilt!!!

  3. the swap quilt sure is purty! i would've voted for the hst's if i had read the post in time - great choice!
    mind if i pin the closeup of the block swap quilting...i'd like to try that allover one of these days?

  4. Nice to get one of your own done. The quilting looks great on it.

  5. love your design of the leaves... and definitely love the idea of the HSTs...

  6. You were very productive this weekend!

  7. Fabulous quilt! Love the binding fabric!

  8. So pretty! Did you post a photo of the quilt once it was bound with that great ombre? With the little I can see of the leaf border, I think it is the perfect choice. You do such beautiful work!


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