making new friends

this past weekend was spent south at the FIL's and i popped over to visit my livestock friends.

hanna was very affectionate and i learned that she is low donkey on the totem pole- everyone picks on her (but me)

the ram was in with the nannies and he was feeling a bit territorial and was posturing to everything...i wish i could of got a video of it- he makes this 'thhppbt' sound and rolls his tongue around outside his mouth.  not very scarey if you ask me....but i'm not a goat
i learned that her name is not hannah, but racheal *shrug* oh well....she comes when i call her far as i'm concerned- her name is hannah. she sits her head on my stomach and i scratch behind those big ole ears...i want a donkey one day- they are cool!

wasn't hannah and racheal sisters in the old testament??

mack is getting fat....fat mack-a-doodle. he was happy to see me and keep snickering everytime i walked off to pet hanna

bubba was in a bit of a frisy mood- he wanted to play head butt games (i think the ram was helping that situation) and well, i'd be out weighted by, ohhhh, couple hundred he got left alone.

i did make new friends- meet polly porkchop...i'm not kidding- that's her name

i do not recommend hand feeding a pig....they think anything put in their mouth is food and will gladly devour it. i almost lost my thumb. i'm so not kidding...

everything tastes better with bacon....


  1. That's a good looking donkey! And I love that pig :)

  2. She definitely looks like a Hannah to me.

  3. Awe..such cute animals. I sure liked hearing about them. I can't remember about Hannah & Rachael being sisters, but it sounds good to me. I do like the name Hannah better for the donkey. What a sweetie.


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