december in the south

today is december 5th and this makes the humidity in the summer worth it....

*phbbbbt* to those knee deep in snow....i have my windows open hehehe

of course we tend to get more stereotypical winter weather in January and early February.....for about 2 or 3 weeks then we start to see spring temps.....

the only drawback i can find- i can't do any snow dyeing...but there is a ice rinkup the road that dumps the zamboni outside.....


  1. :P
    I could have my windows open too but the -25'c outside might just cool the house down just a little too much :)
    Nice to see someone is listening to get your butt down to the ice rink and shovel up some snow and give it a try!

  2. Snow dyeing? I'd say something about the yellow snow, but that's gross. It is unseasonably warm here in PA, and everyone's allergies are still in full, eye-watering, head stuffed up bloom. We need a good, prolonged frost. Of course we will then whine about the cold.....

  3. Rub it in. It's 16 degrees F in Northern Utah right now. Sigh.


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