the quilt parade continues

this time of year turns me into a flimsy serial killer *giggle*

alberta took home her two.
first her bird embroidered quilt
i quilted a simple loopy E2E and outlined the birds
second, her tree quilt.
a fun quilt to quilt.
a simple meander in the background and zigzaggies to help sell the pine tree shape
sharon picked up her boyscout quilt.
made with badges...
a simple meander behind the patches and CC in the setting rectangles. the yellow inner border has a design i've named dovetail and a spiked swirl in the red outer border.
melanie picked up her spinning christmas stars.
i quilted E2E scrolls. this is an design i've been waiting on the perfect quilt to use it on. i have plans on quilting it on one of mine soon, after i get all my payfers christmas quilts done first....


  1. Your E2E scroll-y design would work well for us sit-down, domestic machine quilters too! Thanks for sharing your great quilting with us!

  2. Alberta's quilts are beautiful. The birds are wonderful. I love feeding and identifying the birds in my yard.

    Sharon's boyscout quilt is sure to make someone beam with pleasure. Will make them smile with boyscout memories.

    The green scroll design for perfect for Melanie's Christmas Stars. The soft swirls are a perfect complement to the sharp pointed stars.

  3. Great job to Alberta and Shannon.My tree quilt is on FB under Circle square Quilting.My Daughter Sheila`s is at the LA.We all made these together,just changed colors and BG`s

  4. Hi! Greetings from Finland! Your quilts are so fantastic! It's so nice to find other quilters all around the world! :)

  5. Those are beautiful The tree one is my favorite but the one with the birds is really cool too.


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