redneck games

Uncle John babysitting The Pig.
 this past weekend my FIL treated family and friends to a cajun pig roast!! this was a treat for me cause i've heard so many stories about family pig roasts. (they do huge shrimp boils which i've had the treat to attend also)

The Pig has to be babysat. it has to be rotated every 5 minutes or so. then every couple of hours they roated the whole cage to ensure even cooking. all the work was worth it, it was deleicious...and the crackling was hands-down the best...

it was nice to meet all the extended family...and it made me smile everytime i was introduced as "davis's wife" *grin* see....

i was a very bad blogger cause this is the only picture i took....once all the cousins showed up with all their 4wheelers (we had 5 running), well, picture taking feel to the bottom of the's just too much fun racing around the fields.

it was fun to take the 'city' family to pet Mack, Bubba, and Hannah. one lady said that she never knew that horses were so big and she was amazed that i wasn't scared of him. "but he could kill you"  she also had the opinion that bubba "smelt funny" i forget everybody wasn't raised on a farm....

we came home sunday afternoon and lucky crashed before i could get my shoes off. *giggle* and i wasn't fair behind him. i can't remember ever being asleep before midnight...


  1. SO did ya'll go hillbilly handfinshing while were waiting for that porker to cook?

  2. Congratulations on a *great* extended family. Sounds like a lot of fun times to come.


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