seasons and memories

i took jane her little wallhangings this week.

first, the spring one. i'm always hestitant to literally quilt things (like the fur on the rabbit) but i felt that it was the only way to go this time. i did give it a S&S before commiting :) 

i also gave him a 'quilted' jacket. the blue reminded my of Betrix potter's bunny and i imagine him wearing a quilted vest...

jane will be adding a button for his eye.

and just in time for summer. i like the flowers...

my favorite summertime kid memory was eating watermelon, spitting the seeds in the yard, then throwing the rinds over the fence for the cows. granny was mad one year when a watermelon vine started growing in the middle of her flower bed.

i just remembered the sound of the ice cream maker....*sigh*

detail of the rind

fun little wallhangings to quilt and a fun little stroll down memory lane...

thanks jane!

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