cotton cave

one of my favorite places and my favorite co-worker

(i left the picture big if you want to click on it to look at the fun little details.)

no fair commenting on my dirty floor :)


  1. What have you used to decorate the side of you machine?

  2. You've taken what could be a dark "cave" and made it really bright and inviting. LOVE the carpet -- and your assistant.

  3. I love the peg board. dont remember seeing it but I think that is a great way of hanging things where you can see them and use them.

  4. I agree - the peg board is a great way to organize your tools and still have them easily accessible. My favorite part of your cotton cave though has to be your companion!

  5. Great space!

    What's in the zip lock bag on the LAQ?

  6. AnonymousJuly 02, 2011

    What? Nothing quilty on the ceiling??? Must be break time for your co-worker. Sweet!!! CindyT


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