another flimsy finish

i finshed it!!!

i have decided (with your encouragement) to name this quilt Hard Rock Candy Mountain (HRCM)

it's a big one too 98" x 101"

i adore the B&W print for the inner border. that's a 'signature' thing i like to do, use a B&W print for an inner border on a quilt that has every color under the sun

now, to decide how to quilt it!


  1. Perfect choice for the border. Very cool quilt

  2. You did a rocking candy job, enjoy, it is beautiful!!!

  3. That is one fun quilt!

  4. So both borders and it has the perfect name!

  5. AnonymousJune 12, 2011

    shannon -
    i always love your quilts. they are so fun and happy. love everything about it. you are a real talent, girl!
    am i crazy or did you have smartphone post on the forum with a funky picture in it? i can't find it and wanted to know what it was. if i dreamed this up i apologize....old age! imw2k

  6. That chomping you hear is me, eating my words. When you asked for opinions in your last post, I wasn't fond of that B&W print, but now that I see it as a narrow, inner border, I am in love with it. It is off-beat enough to go with the overall funkiness of the quilt, yet it doesn't overpower. Excellent, and inspired, choice.

  7. Absolutly beautiful.

  8. love everything about it.

  9. absolute gorgeous quilt


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