playing around

victoria is hosting a 'something from nothing' swap and of course i signed up. so i've been thinking about what i might do... see, i'm not a free piecing/wonky/crumb piecing type of gal. i like structure. i like my points to be pointy and my seams to nest. but i wanted to push myself outside my own comfort zone to try something different. if i didn't have a reason i wouldn't tried it.
so i pulled out my scrap bins and gathered all my batik scraps that i had in lime green, yellow, and dark blue/purple. i sewed all my scraps into one big piece to make 'new' fabric. i'll admit- i was really surprised how fun that was!! the saw tooth star is my favorite block, so i cut the pieces i would need to make one.

i sewed my 'new' fabric into the star...*drool* i REALLY like it....i like it so much, i'm keeping it (i think you should always keep your first anything) and i'll use the idea for another block and use that one for the swap.

and my mind is already running full force thinking of ideas to make a bigger quilt!

thanks victoria for hosting a swap that made me step outside my comfort zone. i encourage my readers to try something never know- you might like it!


  1. Well,there you go! How stinkin cute is that?? Super duper cute!! Make more!!!

  2. Fabulous the outcome!
    I am doing some scrappy pieced blocks for the rainbow challenge each month and will have a really cool quilt at the end of the year. Never thought of using them as part of another block!

  3. Very cute. I think your approach allows for the freedom of tilting pieces within the confines of ordered, nesting seams and pointy points. It's a good example of organized chaos!

  4. That is so cool! Love it!

    Linda C.

  5. (Victoria's comment had me in stitches!) This color combination is dynamite! Wow, do I love great color combos! I use fabric in very small pieces, I hand stitch on them, and them I love to add exotic yarns to the surface. You can see what I'm trying to describe by going to


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