sunny side up

lucky loves to lay in the sunny patches in the floor... i'm well trained, i move his bed out of the corner for his maximum comfort during the vitamin K soak

i have been wanting this picture FOREVER!! when he lays just right, his ear will stand straight's his sign of total body relaxation.


lucky doesn't like the camera, so if he sees me with it, he disappears. plus, when his ear sticks out like that, he usually will flick that muscle to get it to flop back down...


  1. He is GORGEOUS! Love that floppy ear!

  2. It's relaxing just to look at him so chilled out.....Lucky Lucky!

    Best Wishes
    Kay in Scotland

  3. ok - now i have to love lucky, too. how did you get so 'lucky' to have 2 adorable pups?
    i hope barney isn't mad or jealous - i couldn't bear that!!!!!

  4. What a good life he has!

  5. Vitamin K? I always thought it was vitamin D - or is that just for humans? :)

    Cute dog - my black lab sometimes has that floppy ear thing going on, it gives my youngest son the giggles.


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