i sent them back home

three quilts went home this week.

vicky's paper pieced windmills


edie's beautiful TAW wedding quilt

she found the perfect backing fabric!
doesn't it just scream wedding bliss :)

and mary's tulip quilt.

 the background of this quilt is a black pin dot on white. it made me dizzy when i quilted it. the dots 'danced' in my peripheral vision... i had to take alot of blink breaks.

you know i love solid backings!! it's like two quilts for the price of one!

stay tuned...i've reached some blog milestones and will be celebrating with a giveaway later this week.!!


  1. Love your work on the wedding quilt, beautiful!

  2. Beautiful work! That wedding quilt is stunning. I really love the neutrals.

  3. Lots of quilting went on at your house. I can see why the dots were difficult but the windmills would have driven me up the wall. Great job. I really like how the tulips turned out.


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