school, pride, herd..?

fish gather in a school...lions live in a pride.... horses call a herd home....

so what do you call a gathering of quilts??

oh, i know-  a SHOW!!! enjoy...
joan's bargello

this is the back- it had an earthy feel, so i keep the quilting earthy themed.

and her lone star. it's a wall hanging to be auctioned off for charity.

a turning 20 featuring guitars for mary's son....

lucinda's chenille quilt

i had fun filling in the spaces between the chenille.

i am declaring my slump's nice to get back into the groove of things :)


  1. wow!! love how you did the Bargello, amazing. The chenille is awesome!

  2. These are gorgeous!!!

  3. These quilts are amazing....

  4. VERY good to have you back. Beautiful...simply beautiful. I love what you do to bring the quilts to life. :)

  5. glad to hear! everything looks great!


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