ironing board make-over

as a quilter, an iron board is a major must have in the studio....nothing i have just does one 'job' and my boring white iron board doubles as a desk surface when i LA. it's this large white elphant in the middle of the room 

frankly i was tired of looking at all my iron's spit stains...i've been just throwing random fabric pieces over it in an attempt to come to a better solution. i even washed it in a lazy attempt to face lift go- now it's just whiter *sigh*

i found the perfect answer this weekend. i found a cute animal print that makes me smile and i made a 'slip cover' for my ironing board. no more boring white!!! it has an elastic waistband, so when i piece, i just pop it off and when i'm done, simply stretch it back on.....sweet!

i mean look at the elephant and try to tell me you didn't smile :) (if the elephant didn't do it- check out the monkeys) *giggle*

i liked the fabric so much i bought enough to make me two pillowcases..hey- if i play with my inner child during the day, she doesn't keep me up at night


  1. It's adorable fabric. Jungle prints are so IN these days. Hmm, with the price of fabrics though, I think I'd have a difficult time using it for an ironing board cover! But for pillowcases, perfect!

    Hope you'll stop by my blog. I'm hosting a giveaway.

  2. Probably a really dumb question BUT why do you take it off to piece? And what is "LA"?

  3. KT- it's just a cover to hide the 'real' board. it's how i roll :)

    LA is an acroynm for Long Arm.

  4. to cute. Love it.


  5. I need to do this too. but I am stingy in not wanting to use my glorious fabrics to cover a dingy ironing board! Isn't that lame? I will be OK if I lose a few yards.. I will right? right?



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