groundhog day

i love the bill murray movie "ground hog day" i like that it shows his character's, phil, personal growth. i find the old homeless man part so of the movie channel (encore) is playing it as a marathon all day today. i shamefully admit watching 3 repeats before turning the channel...*shrug* i was quilting while it was on....
i had two quilts leave this week so far.

nadine's t-shirt quilt

and jeannie's sweet 16 quilt. i love the colors in this one!!

she had three more, but the pictures are apparently still on my camera...i'll share them later.

also, i've added subscription to my blog via email over there ---> i'm keeping up with all this techy stuff :) after you enter your email, you'll be asked to do a word verification. an email will be sent to your inbox to verify your email address. all you do is click the provided link....after that you just sit back and wait for my blog post to be specially delivered straight to your inbox!! it's all about your convenience :)

also send good thoughts for Australia. first the flooding, now a cyclone....

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