belated cupid day...

i'm a little late with my valentine's post, but better late than never....
i do this for davis every time we eat out and he gets a straw. there's a sweet story behind it:

we went to a restaurant and across the aisle was an older couple and their daughter with her husband. i noticed the mother was doing something with the straw. she twisted the wrapper into a heart shape. the daughter's husband asked her what that was. she replied, "mother does that for father everyday at the center to show him she loves him and they've been married for 45 years." so i prompted decided that if that's what it took :) i'd do it for davis. he loves the attention it brings and i love the smile he gets when he gets the attention.

he leaves me little love reminder notes as well...can you see it in the dirt? you might have to click on the picture...

 rememeber the snow love note? he left it where he knew i'd see it when i walked the dogs.

so here's my valentine's has a story to (doesn't something mean more when it has a story?)

i was clicking on links in blogland and ended up on Etsy where this was listed for sale with a really good price tag. i knew that it wouldn't last long cause it was unique and someone with a high blog following linked to it...i liked it and wanted i emailed the link to davis with a *hint hint* for valentine's day. the next morning i looked and it had been sold. i thought, "oh, well" and promptly forgot about it.

that was until valentine's day when i opened this big box and it was sitting inside...

it is a vintage roll top sewing box. from what i can determine, it was hand made by someone. my favorite is the spool shelves.

i added the button closure. with the weight of the roll top, if you barely bumped it it loudly crashed open. it scared barney and that wasn't going to cut it :)

i am loved and am fortunate to have someone surprise me with the things he knows makes me happy, no matter how big or small they may be. our relationship has it's bumps, but the bumps are just that- bumps. in all worth while trips, the road is bound to have a few bumps. bumps don't define the journey, they just make you appreciate it more when you get there.

okay- i'm done being all warm and fuzzy...


  1. Well said! It is the little things that help to smooth out the bumps in the road...and little symbols and reminders of love definately help! Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. How sweet! Love the heart straw and your vintage sewing box was a perfect Valentine's gift.

  3. Oh I like warm and fuzzy. You made me smile.


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