i'm chatting away on the phone and my two four-legged doorbells go ballistic. it was my snail mail lady, donna with a box...."huh, i didn't order anything" then i noticed the hawaii part....she jumped when i squealed.

my MiniQuilt from the APQS swap arrived!!!!!

(HI has their own special priority boxes!)

join me as we open it together....

oh, dark chocolate covered macadamia nuts and toffe popcorn and macadamia nuts!  Quilt fuel!

look at the pretty tissue paper....

i love the necklace....thanks to google i learned it is Kukui Nut Leis.

i love surprises! what could this be?

this is a travel pillowcase wrapping.....

(the pillwcase's form was included)

a very appropriate book :)

a CD with music i can quilt to! i already loaded it into my Ipod...

 *drumroll* without any further adue


can't you just smell the salty sea air and hear faint ukulele music?

i love hibicus! my granny had tons of plants in the front yard.

thanks again barbara- mahalo makamaka. malama pono i kou ola kino! 

i am going to cherish it forever....


  1. awesome! you lucky dog! gorgeous necklace!

  2. I am right their with ya Shannon, I can hear the ukulele loud and clear!!!

    Kay in Scotland

    Gorgeous quilt too!!!

  3. Even if I hadn't been on the phone with you, I still would have heard the squeal!!! Fun presents and beautiful mini quilt!!!

  4. My goodness! You hit the jackpot! I love all the stuff you got and the mini quilt is beeee-uuuuu-tiii-ful!!
    That is so special.

  5. Now thats a gift! Congrats! Hey we just put up my little blind!!! I am excited.

  6. That is sooooooooooooo bea-u-ti-ful...
    Enjoy it!!!


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