what's going on in my studio

first, thanks to all the wonderful comments on my previous post about persevering. i have a second part planned, if you can stand it :)

so here's what i've been up to:
i quilted four quilts for jeanne

pandas ...which is just to darned cute!

jelly beans. i did a double loop meander. haven't quilted that one in a while...

a neutral trip around the world which came out quite stunningly

and a sweet 16 that i feathered.....pretty!

this is the quilt i was working on that sparked yesterday's post...

then i started a small project. yes those are home spuns....not my normal color palette, but i will share what that's all about later

and this is on the frame. it should cause some serious excitement for someone in our 'attic' country :)

thanks for looking!
happy stitches!


  1. All are beautiful! Your work is fabulous.

  2. i know who the quilt on the frame belongs to! and it isn't even me! your work is always so nice!

  3. Oh your work is beautiful! I was so glad to see your comment. I have never hunted yet but I am getting excited. I am gonna hunt close to the hunting cabin and I am going to be in a blind. I am excited. I have never did this before. My hubby thinks I will love it. We will see.


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