quilting up a storm!

so i've been keeping myself busy quilting! i hit a groove and rode it til it ran out. brace yourself for all the pictures!
first i quilted melanie's basket quilt

then i quilted pam's owl quilt for their lake house

then i quilted kathy's baby quilt...the baby's on it's way any day now...

then lucinda's asian quilt

here's the back...a great way to showcase a border fabric

then i quilted jeannie's scrappy brown railfence

and her stack and whack christmas trees

then i quilted two of my quilts and got the the binding on both:

my slice of life made with my wonky squares tutorial and a moda layer cake....

then i quilted davis's daughter college graduation quilt....she's almost done with her graduate degree...

i also squeezed in two wall hangings, my 'splosh' wall quilt and my APQS Mini SwapQuilt which i'll share in a (near) future post.
i also made a flanged pillow with diane's cast off block she sent me for my kitchen sink quilt. i thought it was too pretty, so i made me a girly pillow.

thanks again diane!!! *grin* i still love your background fabric!

i couldn't sleep one night, so i got up and piced this. it was on my 'to-do' list. it is the same block pattern i used for the Modify Tradition Swap and i made my friend jess one, so i needed one to. :)

i also finished up three UFO quilts that only needed their borders sewn on...

whew...that is alot for one week...i swear i'm not an over achiever...i got lucky and davis 'diappeared' for three days over the labor day weekend(archery season starts this weekend. something about going to the hunting club to build a stand) and he's been working late this week- so i settled myself into my sewing room with the goal of getting some to-do piles gone...


  1. HOLY COW!! You were one busy girl.
    I LOVE THOSE! I always love your work though! Thank You for being such an inspiration to us quilting impaired mentally challenged quilter's lol..


  2. Just reading your post made me tired! I have spent the last two days cleaning up and straightening my sewing room and I thought I accomplished a lot!

  3. Wow, that was tireing. I am lucky if I can quilt one quilt in one week. But your work looks great and you even got some of your own things in there. Good going.

  4. WOW you been a busy little bee haven't you?? Nice work.

  5. I've been sick in bed all week--I got nothing done! You have excelled, Shannon & done GREAT!!
    I love the quilting on the Asian quilt!...and the quilting on all the others...just love your work altogether.

  6. how lovely the orphan block turned out as a pillow-so glad it's no longer an orphan!
    You're quilting is on fire.


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