i call dibs-

*warning* sappy content :)

so couple weeks ago my feet were cold and i fetched my polar fleece socks that i wear in the winter to keep my feet warm. i soon remembered that i needed to internet hunt a new pair because mine had some well loved worn holes in the heel. i mentioned it to davis that i needed some new 'piggie warmth providers' before the temperatures really got cold, and that i wished i could find a pair of those knitted socks with the leather bottoms.

i had completely forgotten about that exchange til the other day when i checked the mail and found a Land's End package with my name on it.....huh? i didn't order anything....

this is what was inside with a gift card that simply stated:

"i will keep your toes warm
if you continue keeping
my heart warm"

*sigh* i call dibs! he's a keeper.......i'm lucky he called dibs on me...


  1. awwwwwwww. that's so cute!

  2. bertiequiltsSeptember 03, 2010

    love them with the buttons attached...I would be wearing them everywhere including outside to get the mail...really neat

  3. Awww....I feel all soppy now.....

    BTW nice socks too!

    Best Wishes
    Kay in Scotland

  4. How very, very sweet of him! He sounds like a keeper.

  5. Very stylish sockies! That Davis is a sweetheart.
    Linda C.


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