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dear swap partner-
here's is a photo mosaic of some of my favorite quilts from flickr. i like bright colors with high contrast....i like simple graphic designs....i'll will be happy with what ever you send!
 1. cindys cushion, 2. DSCN0700, 3. Modify Tradition Swap, 4. MT swap - incoming, 5. Half Square Triangle Quilt, 6. 100_5656, 7. Flea Market Fancy Quilt Progress, 8. Some "love" with Amy Butler, 9. Modern Baby Quilt Back, 10. modify tradition quilt top, 11. Hurricane Katrina Quilt, 12. hangover the wall hanging, 13. flock of triangles front, 14. Julia's Water Color Quilt, 15. Quilts on the Double, 16. Kandinsky Quilt

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