ah, that new fabric smell

i've been very good about bashing the stash, but sometimes you just have to scratch that fabric itch...i decided i wanted needed to make a Halloween quilt (there are some too-cute-for-words prints on the market, not to snatch them up and make a quilt with)...

plus, i found the perfect excuse reason to buy some new fabric...

my friend Kristina has been teasing me about posting her mystery quilt directions to her blog for quite a while (it's the whole reason i convinced her to start one)...welp, she has decided to finally post the directions!!...there's my fabric choices. you need three for the quilt. the black will be my background, the orange spiders (don't they look real?) will be my 'focus' and the black cats on purple will be my 'contrast'...the lime will maybe be a border and the stripe i will cut on the bias for binding...

i'm doing a Halloween quilt!

if you don't read her blog, you might wanna start....that way you won't be left behind :) it's what all the cool kids are doing...


  1. I just love those fabrics....sometimes you just gotta scratch!

  2. I can't believe you passed up The Ghastlies! *L* Talk about cute Halloween fabric!

    However, yours is sure cute too.

  3. Great choices!!! I really love all of the Halloween fabrics out there nowadays.

  4. Linda CraigAugust 26, 2010

    Those fabrics are just too cute! Love 'em! I really like using stripes cut on bias for binding too. It really gives a pizzazz, doesn't it. Have fun!

  5. Very cute fabric! You'll have a lot of fun making it. I'm not a "Halloween person," so I generally steer clear of anything related to it. I'm not a cool kid. But I'm happy for those who enjoy it; I think it brings out the kid in most people.

  6. OOOH, Shannon! That is going to be a cute quilt!


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