west trip #2: rech botanical gardens

after leaving dory and her yurt, my trip took me northwest to olympia WA where i met my friend linda. her husband dennis has quite the green thumb! look at all the beautiful flowers growing in their yard. i don't know the names of all them, but i did learn some...

i was lucky and got pictures before the deer came though and 'pruned' all the flowers....they ate them....stupid deer....

this is a moonflower.

lots of moonflowers
this was quite the treat. flowers don't last long here. it gets too hot and with the humidity, they 'cook.' to see so many flowers all in full bloom and in so many different colors- i was like a kid in a candy store.

this is foxglove....i love the spots

calafornia poppy

i have tons of reference pictures for flowers in my applique now!

i love the colors...don't you?


look at the tinny orange center in all those tinny flowers...so cool!

day lily

i wasn't the only one in the garden enjoying the flowers!


there was a swallow nest on the front porch and these were in a pot on the steps of the porch...while i was taking this picture, i was being dive bombed by very territorial protective swallows...

i love the center of this one! remind me of those fiber optic trees...

pretty blue flowers with a great shape

my favorite flower- a morning glory. i'm use to blue and yellow glories, so the white ones were 'different'

i think these are english roses...

lime green!

don't these look like crepe paper flowers?

california poppies

a poppy that was ready for a close up
this flower was a deep dark crimson...
some flowers were not so friendly...


another of my favorite flowers- a thistle. i know that they are a nuisance weed (especially to farmers in hay fields) , but i like them. a beautiful flower comes out of such a harsh exterior....
the smell on my photo yard trip was amazing! glad you could come along.


  1. bee u tee ful flowers.

  2. gorgeous...ps..I have the swap blocks done...just finished them a little while ago...now have to look for a pen to sign them

  3. All are so pretty. I'll bet it did smell fabulous!

  4. What beautiful flowers!

  5. I love the NW. Seattle usually only gets a couple of weeks of really hot weather each summer so no one has A/C. Unfortunately that makes those two weeks HE**. Your friend's flowers are fantastic. Even in that climate it is hard to have so many wonderful things in bloom at the same time.


  6. Beautiful!! And your photography is awesome!

  7. Linda CraigAugust 03, 2010

    Wow, such gorgeous flowers! Thanks so much for sharing. Really awesome.


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