me and davis took barney to the hunting club yesterday to 'survey' the added acreage to our lease (a brand new 70+ acres!!!) we hunt an area that is 'swampy' with lots of creeks that are in deep ravines and this added land will allow us to drive an 4wheeler onto our land to get a deer. we were looking for a place to build a's a few pictures. (i choose not to take lucky because it is hot and humid and lucky is getting old and is heat intolerant. the last time we took him, he suffered heat exhaustion and it scared me. he'd rather sleep on the couch in AC anyway)
barney got his feet dirty...see how steep the sides of the creek are? it's like that cause it floods so much back'd think you were stepping on firm ground, then when you took a step you'd sink up to your knee in stinky mire.

barney found a new friend. we noticed he was nosing around in one spot and this is what he found.
davis said this shot reminded him of the post turtle joke... this little fellow was none to happy to be handled.
then we came across this. i don't know why, but i found it really pretty. it's a little creek running through georgia clay. it's like it's own little grand canyon (if you were an ant, it would be the grand canyon) it looks like rock, but it gives when you poke it. i'm going to do some research and see if i can make pottery with it.

so that's how we spent father's day morning....


  1. What a wonderfully fun day! You are so lucky to be able to live there surrounded by all that land and beauty! Barney and his "new friend" are both pretty darn cute, too!



  2. My old coworker used to make lovely pots with found clay and he would fire them in a brick pit he built. I bet it would work for you too!


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