nickel quilt

i get quilts every once in while that, for wahtever reason, i want to keep. joan's quilt is in the top five.

this was a big quilt- 97" square.

she used the cover quilt pattern from the nickel quilt book (i'm feeling lazy today- no quick link)

those are 8" finished blocks and there are 144 of them....the little 4patch squares finish at 1 inch!

i quilted a E2E that i have been toying with, but haven't quilted on a quilt yet....til now. i call it feathered swirl (like i said- i'm being lazy and that's the best i can do. not a very creative name, but hey, it get's the point quickly across)

i chose a dense E2E because the patchwork of the quilt had little pieces.

funny story, once i got the quilt unloaded and trimmed down, i was folding it up and found this sticker. if you look closely you can see i quilted within a hair's width on both sides of it and didn't stitch through it...what's the odds of that?

i'm back to my 'normal' quilting comfort level. me and nemo are one again *smile* check out how pretty the stitches look on the back. perfect tension is a thing of beauty to a takes tons of frustration time to hit the sweet spot.


  1. Good on you! I'm so glad you're an accomplished longarmer. I just can't do it myself. But sit me down in front of my Bernina, then watch me go. Maybe not as fast as you, but nicely quilted. It's good we're gifted in different ways.

  2. It is a beautiful quilt. The quilting is also gorgeous. I can't believe that you just missed that sticker.

  3. oh love the quilt and your quilting is lovely, as always.
    I do something sorta like that and call it "all-over swirly feathers"-
    too funn.
    I hear you on the tension--I get more excited about achieving perfect tension than just about anything else these days, hmmm, hope that doesn't sound too pathetic. :)
    Glad to hear you and the Nemo are in the groove again. yea!

  4. You are far from lazy!!! amazing work..

  5. I want that one!! I have more than enough nickels to make it too.


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