the good, the bad, and the ugly..

the good: i didn't move to tennessee....that's kinda the truth, i did move, then came back this weekend. so i have changed the address in the block swap directions, make sure to make that note of said he would mail anything to me that gets there....

here's the link to the block swap pdf to save you the trip: CLICK HERE

the bad: i did pack everything up, so now i have to unpack it....i'm thinking of it as the hard way of spring cleaning...

the ugly: my allergies. yuck! i don't know what's going on.....i can't breathe.

and a post is not a post without a's is a shot of barney's chin wrinkles. too cute! he got a bath this morning, silly noodle rolled in something rather offensive. pea-you!  i'll be taking barney to the vet soon. he is getting 'sores' in weird places. they are like a hot spot, but not as nasty as the pictures i saw when i googled 'hot spots'

it's good to be 'home' i'm looking forward to getting everything back into it's place and get to quilting again!
i missed you guys! i have a cool photo to show you later....


  1. Yea!!!! But I'm keeping the Jonesborough, TN blocks in the siggy swap. They are just too-o-o cute.

  2. bertiequiltsJune 07, 2010

    boy, you are just one busy bee...sure cant keep up with to you real soon...I have some things for you to me with the phone it the same?

  3. Hey stranger, glad you are back home, miss you and your posts. You might be saying you are moving again when I get to GA. The good news is, we will be about 2 hours away. Bad for me, good for you.
    What happened? Write when you get a chance.. I don't envy you for having to pack, and unpack only to end up in the same location. Are you in the same house?
    Hopefully I hear from you soon, the anticipation is killing me, nosy minds want to know all the details... Take Care, love your dog, glad you didn't say he was the ugly, there would have been a fight!!!!

  4. well hello again! That is an interesting way to re-organize/spring clean the sewing studio.

    Dogs do have a strange idea about what is a good "cologne".
    rolling in something nasty happens here every so often (too often for me) gag, gag!

  5. Glad you are back. See you soon.

  6. I'm sorry to hear of your hassles with moving...not! Hopefully you'll settle soon, and be in an even better spot in life than you were previously. All the best!

    P.S. My security word is "wheefin." I'm thinking it means for you, "Whee! I'm FINished moving!"


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