and the nominees are.....

i would like to nominate myself for running in the 'She Who Dies With the Most Fabric Wins' friend teresa (muchas grais amiga!)  helped me bag up The Stash (it deserves a name now..)

mothers, lock up your children....
the squeamish- cover your eyes
because from the deepest recesses of shannon's studio comes...



(just when you thought it was safe....)

<--- a large two car garage...all quilty stuff
you have my complete permission to show your hubby and say, "see, i told you my stash wasn't bad...look how much she has..."

if i can't be a good example, i'll just have to be a horrible warning :)

the zinger- that's not all of it......

<---barney for scale.....

FYI: three yards of fabric weighs appoximately a pound....those are about 25 thirty gallon contractor bags...this math i won't do to protect the innocent....


  1. What a blast! Yes, your stash and necessities make mine look paltry. Thank you! (giggle)

  2. I salute you, I claim you as my role model, and I think you ought to be crowned right now. THANKS! :)

  3. Good Lord girl! (my jaw dropped)
    You win. contest over.

  4. bertiequiltsMay 28, 2010

    I have to say that you really do have me beat....instead of us quilters going to quilt shops for fabric, we really need to just go to your house to we could really find some neat stuff?!!!!

  5. OK you win. Where is the "queen of fabric" t-shirt?

  6. Barney sure looks a lot more relaxed than he did while we were bagging The Stash ! Instead of a roadside fruit stand, perhaps you should look at opening a roadside fabric stand! *giggle*

  7. Oh my win and you need an accuquilt go to help you bust some of that one away on my blog....


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