two birds, one stone

i love leather thimbles, metals ones fall off my finger. i do alot of applique and i use a straw needle which has just as pointy of an eye as the actual point, so my leather thimbles would quickly get holes in it where i push the needle. i was buying new thimbles every couple months.... i found a fix!

you'll need a leather thimble (i'm liking the new 'natural fit' leather thimle from clover, remember leather will stretch so buy one that is snug)  and a ultra-thimble (it is metal with little dimples, there is a smooth one for your 'under' finger)

first, use your new leather thimble for a little while til you see where you tend to push the needle. see the dark spot on the top towards the side?

then it's as simple as super glueing the ultrathimble to your leather thimble on top of the spot where you push the needle. wha-la! a leather thimble that will last years! my previous leather timble was made from goat skin and with a ultra-thimble upgrade lasted me for 6 years before it got so loose it wouldn't stay on...


  1. That is a fabulous idea! I am so going to do that this weekend before I start on my current quilt's binding. Thanks!

  2. I have a leather thimble that came with the metal already inset in it Works like a charm. I have forgotten who makes them but they are available at most quilt shops. It you use a spot on the thimble to push the needle that is a bit different from the normal then the premade one wold not work well for you and custom fitting it this way would be great.

  3. Great idea! I have a favorite leather thimble that has the metal insert, but it has shifted. This might be the answer to fixing it :-)

  4. That is a great idea to protect our fingers a little better :)



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