sneeky peeky

i'm still alive....i've been busily quilting right along...

i'm trying curved cross hatching for the first time....the jury's still out....i like the way it looks, not crazy about the ruler i'm using. it doesn't have a concave curve so i'm having to use it behind the hopping foot which is presenting some PITA interesting issues....

if you are a LAer, what rulers do you use for curved CHing?

okay back to quilting *whip snap*


  1. Get Deloa's can use either side.

  2. Which ruler are you using? Mine? Certainly not!!! This quilt looks great!

  3. I love Deloa's boomerang rulers... The convex curve is the same degree as the concave curve! This is great because you can use either side for the same project!!! Some of them have a different size curve on each side so you still have to put the ruler behind the hopping foot when changing directions.

  4. Looking good so far so good!

  5. I love the back of quilts - this is looking great. I have just ordered Deloa's Boomerang Ruler - can't wait to try it out.


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