sniff snort wheeze

i loathe being head feels three times too big. doesn't the silly virus know i have work to do....i don't have time to deal with it today....amazing that something so small can cause so much carnage.

so no quilting for me today....instead i will work on my class workbook for my LA class i'll be teaching in NY in march...and i have to find a cheap flight up there and back....

i'm to find some students....


  1. The little "booger" is kinda cute (pun intended), but I am on my second cold this calendar year, so it is not too amusing. Sorry you are feeling puny. Oh, man, is that spelled right? Sorry you feel poorly. Karmen

  2. SO sorry to hear you have one of those pesky viruses. Time to take the day off. Pamper yourself with cups of tea, good movies, and quilty internet surfing

  3. sorry you're not feeling well, hope it goes away real quick.

  4. Hope you feel better soon... I've had the crud for 7 days now! Today is the first day I feel like putting real clothes on and doing something more than watching movies all day.

  5. Take enough time off so that you get rid of this bug! You don't want a second visit from it...I just found your blog today and the colours of the BOM look fantastic to my eyes. I've never used gray as a background before and it certainly sets off the other colours beautifully. I have decided to follow your BOM, but the applique will come last because it looks complex, but your tutorial is great. Thanks for the time and energy you have put into making these. Cruised around your blog and looked at the wonky squares. I have never seen them done like this before. What a great way to use up those leftover small pieces.
    With appreciation and awe at your talent
    Diane P in Melbourne, Australia


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